Whenever Production Pirates calls, I know I'm in for something special. With many years of know-how in event and leisure industries, they always know how to get all the right elements and craft them into a unique experience. No different with their latest project:
Take the charming scenery of the Kempen, a new kind of boat and a plethora of food to grill, and you get the BoatBQ. 
When they say never shoot the 3 B's: Babies, Beasts and Boats. There's a reason for that, because you never know what is going to happen. In this case we coordinated a camera-boat, a light-boat and our model-boat. So living on a prayer that the boat was in clear view, on the right angle, that the models were all visible, looking happy and the light worked. All while smelling delicious food. 
All in a day's work! 
You can book your own BoatBQ experience at www.boatbq.be.

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