Hi! I'm Kris, and I'm a photographer
This means I see light, think in solutions and tell stories. 
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For me, photography is something deeply personal. I don't just capture things, I try and show how I experience the world. It's something so special, that no matter how I feel, what the conditions are, or what is going on, I have the need to capture and create. I was never formally trained in photography, but it's something I rolled into. 
I've always been fascinated by the medium, which is no surprise. After all, my mother was a passionate amateur photographer, and my father's father has always been at the cutting edge of photo and video-technology. So I always have been surrounded by rolls of Kodak Gold, and video cameras. In 2004 I caught the photography-bug myself, which never left. 
Throughout my professional career as a designer, website builder and video producer, I found that photography has been that one thing that never left my side. With an unexpected photography assignment in Shanghai in 2012, I made the switch to full time photography. It was the first of a long pathway over five continents, with many twists and turns. 
Working as a photo-journalist for several Belgian newspapers taught me to tell a story with my photos, while I also learned to fine-tune my lighting. It's important for me that story, light and colour not just look right, but also feel right. It's also extremely important to me that I keep developing myself and my style, which can be described as  'a touch of magic'.
For me, there is absolutely no difference between personal and client work. It doesn't matter what the subject is, every photo deserves my full attention. From conception, to planning, execution, post-production and delivery, it all has to be right. 
This work ethic has enabled me to create a very diverse portfolio, with even more diverse publications. You might have seen my work gracing the covers of theme park maps, in books, magazines or online, in train stations or on billboards. In fact, some of my photo prints have covered entire buildings, including the iconic Brussels Grand Place. 
My camera of choice is a Hasselblad medium format kit, enabling the best possible image quality on the market. Lighting wise, I rely on my Profoto light kits. For more light-sensitive or action needs, I use my Nikon D5 or Z6 and Sigma Art lenses, of which I am a proud ambassador of.
There is no job that is too big or complicated for me to do! I have a passport and am willing to travel. So if you want to work with me, or have any questions, feel free to contact us!
Of course, when inquiring bookings, please include as much information as possible, so we can give you the best service possible.
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