#LikeMe, the hitseries by FABRIC MAGIC and Ketnet is a breakthrough new series, taking music treasured by generations before and re-introduce them to a brand new generation in a new digital age.
Taking place in an Antwerp high-school, the musical series features breathtaking dance, catchy music and heartfelt moment which quickly captured the heart of millions of fans.
I was hired to create a Key Art, as well as being the unit photographer for the entire series, from pre-production all the way into the concerts.
The photos have been used in a huge variety of products, ranging from CD, DVD and book covers, school supplies, apparel and more.
One of my other concepts was the Locker Hallway, showing life at school, with all little vignettes. Apart from being used as a B-visual, it was also used as the character book cover series: "Caro", "Kyona", "Vince", "Yemi" and "Camille".  
Behind the Scenes

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