After the wildly popular breakthrough of #LikeMe, followed by two sold out arena concerts, production started working on a new season. The highly anticipated show premiered beginning of January on national TV, after a series of premieres at cinemas. 
Again I have been hired by FABRIC MAGIC to capture not only the TV show, but create brand new visuals. A Key Art, an updated Locker Hallway photo, and first for this show: a teaser photo. 
To capture the series, I used a mix of the Hasselblad X1D and a Nikon Z6 for dialogue scenes. For the posters we went for the best possible resolution, and used the Phase One IQ4-150MP. I also assisted the behind the scenes team by shooting motion for the behind the scenes vlogs.
Key Arts are retouched by James Bold Agency.
Key Art
Behind The Scenes
Going even bigger than before, we photographed the cast in front of the school at an evening to try an avoid the crowd, but alas. Within minutes of setting up, fans showed up watching the shoot. 
Lit with Profoto B1and B2 lights and an ARRI 4K HMI.
Locker Hallway

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