Photography is telling a story with a single frame. But sometimes there's more to tell and in that case you need motion. I grew up with the amateur photography of my mother, and the semi-professional video production of my grandfather. If it wasn't for photography, I would have worked as a video professional.
Over the course of my career, I have directed, shot, edited and produced some video projects. You can see my IMDb credits here
Here is a selection of my work that I can show:
 Just like sports and music stars, superheroes like to participate in profitable advertising campaigns. Why would you save the world for free? Jozef and his talented son Lars agree to contact Supernatural Ltd. 
Written & Directed by Thomas Vanbrabant 
DOP & Editor: Kris Van de Sande
Yokoso Festival (2017)
When the Japanese Garden in Hasselt turned 25, they celebrated it with the Yokoso festival. I got to create a commercial showcasing the beauty, from the perspective of two children. 
Written & Directed by: Kris Van de Sande
DOP & Editor : Timo Vandiest

The Walt Disney Company, Disney Channel & Marvel (2016-2017)
Creating small commercials and short movies for various departments of The Walt Disney company, promoting Moana (Vaiana), Frozen: Magie van het Noorderlicht, Marvel On Tour and others. 
Star Tours: Before The Adventures Continue (2016)
Star Tours: Before The Adventures Continue is a video archival project of the famed attraction in Disney parks worldwide. With the announced closure of the last remaining original Star Tours in Disneyland Paris, I created and produced this multi-cam angle view on the main scenes of the pre-show, with additional archive footage to capture the ride itself. 
It is the first time an attraction has been captured on video on a scale like this. 

Mediahuis: Hasselt Disaster (2015)
When working for national newspaper De Standaard, Nieuwsblad, Het Belang van Limburg I created a lot of videos, sometimes getting full creative freedom, like this fire-fighting drill. Bringing fast-paced cutting with on the shoulder, I created an energetic short. 
Shot & Edited by Kris Van de Sande
#VK14 Content (2014)
During the elections of 2014, I worked in a media project at VRT, creating content for VRT NWS (DeRedactie), Studio Brussel, MNM. 
I was responsible for full video productions, ranging from production, shooting and editing. 
Nintendoom Commercial 3.0, 4.0 (2014, 2015)
A commercial created for chiptune festival Nintendoom. We shot everything for 3.0. For 4.0 we got event footage, and rotoscoped 
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