For Flemish road regulator Wegen & Verkeer, I got to shoot their Summer 2020 campaign informing the public about upcoming road works. Hiring famed weather forecaster Frank Deboosere as the bringer of the Traffic Forecast (Verkeersbericht) is a clever combination of known lore while still informing. 
The cross-medial campaign consists of 350 roadside billboards, a digital TV commercial and social media and fun animated gifs. Also geo-targeted ads will be used to inform on specific roadworks.
I created all content of Frank, both still as video, and delivered ready-made assets to the client for the print ads, while doing the complete post-production on the video and GIFs as.
Key Art
Animated GIFs
Geo-target Ads
Social Media
Client: Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer
Agency: The Oval Office
Make-Up Artist: Sarina Mannaert
Behind The Scenes Video

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