Terra Magma is the latest exciting addition to Bobbejaanland. Complete re-imagining the cult classic Indiana River, it’s a rare combination of a full indoor log flume with an immersive dark ride. So it has all the elements that I love in an attraction: adventure, story and water. So I was pleased when I got the assignment to not only create On and Off-Ride photos, but also come up and create a key art for a multimedia campaign.
The key art showcases several items from the attraction like the tsunami-ravaged village, the sea serpent living in the jungle and of course a massive volcanic explosion.
As usual in the leisure industry, deadlines were tight, as we planned, casted, shot and delivered in just eight days.
Client: Bobbejaanland
Retouching: Studio Fourside
1st Assistant: Steven Arens
2nd Assistant & BTS: Shruti Mehta
Camera: Hasselblad X2D-100C & Nikon Z9
Lights: Profoto B1, B10Plus, B2, D1
Behind The Scenes

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