#LikeMe Campaign Image - © FABRICMAGIC
'Welp' Scaremaze Bobbejaanland
Zombie Escape
Campaign image for Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer
'The Missing' Key Art
Winter Shopping. Shot for Stad Hasselt
Toverland Magic Campaign
#LikeMe Campaign Image - © FABRICMAGIC
© Efteling
"Tired of your old kitchen?" Art for OnOff Agency
Starspeeder 3000 model
Toro Nagashi
Sam Ponette
Campaign image shot for Stad Hasselt.
Reuzestappen op het strand van Oostende
Shot for Stad Hasselt
An aerial view of Hasselt
Shot for Stad Hasselt
Shot for Stad Hasselt
The Star Wars Laser Adventure Tour by Walt Disney Belgium.
A reminder to us all, that even in the most regular places, magical fairytales can happen, if we only know where and when to look.
Yentl and Inge from BubbleTrouble enjoy the aftermath of a pillow fight.
2 hour composit of all fireworks at NYE in Hasselt.
Another tale from my mind. For this huge setpiece I created an artificial forest in a protected building.
Shot for Disney Channel
Campaign image for dance performance 'Into The Woods'
Campaign image shot for Belgian Apple-reseller Switch.
Big setpiece, personal work.
Used as Stad Hasselt Christmas Card 2014
A porcelain creation, the 2012 alternate Christmas tree in Hasselt got national and international press coverage.
Fabled meeting between the two big men from December
The Lady of the Lake. Maybe she's waiting for her lost husband to come home, or a water creature luring sailors, or who knows what her story is. All we know is in the early morning, before the sun has risen, a white figure with a torch appears in the mist.
Original concept photography for the Harry Potter 9 3/4 shop in King's Cross Station, London.
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