For Cristal Alken, agency SirFish created a campaign showcasing the natural ingredients used in creating the signature beer that has been around since 1928! But it's not just about the ingredients, it's about the people, true local heroes. 
So we rose with the farmers who cultivate the barley and hop and learned all the intricacies that need to happen for a successful harvest. 
Concept Ad

Concept ad based on current brand guidelines

Client: Cristal Alken - Alken Maes
Agency: SirFish
On-Set Creative: Koen Lambrechts, Evelyne Zeeuws
Styling (Hop): Astrid Van Canneyt
Behind the Scenes photos: AIKON (Barley), Astrid Van Canneyt (Hop)​​​​​​​
Behind The Scenes

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